Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thursday, August 6, 1925

Thursday, August 6, 1925

I’m so tired these days I only did part of my ironing. Aunt Mollie, Fannie, Francis, and Betty drove in and they all were here in the PM. The boys made boats in the morning and sailed them in the bath tub and got the floor all wet. Ned got wet and I cleaned him up and the floor, then he got into a can of varnish. I had to wash him in turpentine and give him another bath.

(I do know who these four women were and how they really relate to Grandma, so I'll have to do some checking.

Sounds like the boys are still playing inside since they were grounded to their own yard earlier in the week. Perhaps Grandma should have re-thought that punishment, as it seemed to be creating more work and clean up for her!)

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  1. Sister with the homestead6:30 PM, August 06, 2006

    Again -- can you imagine your child getting into varnish, and then washing them with turpentine? I would be calling poison control!