Thursday, August 03, 2006

Monday, August 3, 1925

Monday, August 3, 1925

Was too tired for utterance. Just sat still and sewed at the machine and got a lot done after all. Sewing doesn’t tire me much. Once in awhile it makes me nervous but not generally. Sitting still at that and getting a lot done makes me feel like a day well spent if I am resting. Had quite a storm and hailed about 5 this PM

(I think it is good that Grandma enjoyed sewing, as much as the family relied on her to keep them in clothes. I could not sit at a sewing machine all day long like that.)

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  1. Daughter Eleanor must have inherited her mother's ability to sit at the sewing machine all day. I remember many days growing up when Mom would sew what seemed like all day long...since she made the majority of our clothes (at least the 4 girls).