Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wednesday, August 26, 1925

Wednesday, August 26, 1925

Intended to iron but had to straighten up the house first, then Mrs. Little came to see about the job of nursing. Noon when she left. I sprinkled the clothes. Mama came. The new window blinds came for the front windows but were wrong side out so Mama and I put in all PM fixing them and some old blinds up. Got a little paint on.

(With all the cleaning the last few days, I was a bit surprised that Grandma had to straighten up the house for company. I am sure with the four boys it was hard to keep everything picked up and straightened up. Plus, sometimes when you are in the midst of heavy cleaning, that’s when your house looks the worst.

It appears that she was planning to have a nurse come in to help her at some point, presumably after she had the baby. I find that a bit surprising. Interesting that Grandma has had no pre-natal care, never once mentioned in her diary anything about visiting a doctor. Her father was a doctor, specializing in gynecology, but she doesn’t even mention him checking her out. She will have the baby at home.

Grandma was still working on fixing up and cleaning up the house. She’s been at it for several days with no real break. I assume that it was Gilbert who did a little painting.)

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