Friday, August 04, 2006

Tuesday, August 4, 1925

Tuesday, August 4, 1925

Made a pair of rompers for Ned after I had given the house a good cleaning. The boys left about 9 to go fishing up the creek a little ways. They promised not to go far and to be back by noon, but didn’t get in till about 4. Found out Ron Johnson and Miller were in the crowd so the boys can not leave the yard after this for punishment. They are such a bad influence.

(I bet the boys were hungry when they got home if they left at 9:00 and didn't get back until supper time. I wonder how long she kept them confined to their own yard? Surely not the rest of the summer?

Otherwise, it would have been one of those days that Grandma liked, when she got a lot done, and it sounds like she got a lot done. I wonder how she was the next day, as generally she'd have a good day when she got a lot done and then be wiped out the next day.)

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  1. Sister with the homestead6:27 PM, August 06, 2006

    You don't think they went all the way to Fall Creek do you?

    I shudder to think of those boys going fishing all by themselves!