Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wednesday, August 5, 1925

Wednesday, August 5, 1925

They boys had fixed a tent in the middle of the front room out of an old quilt attached to piano, chairs, etc. and are surely having a great time. Gilbert had work to do at the office and didn’t come home for supper. I sat and made buttonholes this PM. Felt so tired. Collins kids came this PM and started a fight with gang next door. I can’t have that.

(I guess since the boys couldn't leave the yard (punishment for coming how very late yesterday), they decided they would just play inside. Grandma has previously written how all the noise they made got on her nerves. I'm guessing her nerves were shot on this day, especially with it ending with a fight with the neighbor gang next door.

Remember, she was about 7 months pregnant on this date.)

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