Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Saturday, August 15, 1925

Saturday, August 15, 1925

Was so tired and done up today after my useless walk yesterday, that I could hardly wiggle. Mrs. Collins dropped in, in the afternoon and I told her about it so they took me to Coyners after supper and I got all the things I could pay for, and had some goods laid away to send Dale after next week. Dad went to Milt’s for the night.

(The neighbors to the rescue. The Collins family across the street had a car and often gave Grandma or others rides to various places. Sometimes it seems like Grandma wrote about all of them in the same car, which might be 10 or more adults and children. I bet they weren't all wearing seat belts!

I have no idea who Milt is, neither does Mom. We assume that he was a friend of Dad's, which is what Grandma calls her father-in-law.)

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