Monday, September 11, 2006

Friday, September 11, 1925

Friday, September 11, 1925

Sewed today, made Gilbert a shirt and Dale a waist. Didn’t feel extra well. The three boys all went to Mama’s for supper and they took them to see the fireworks display at the fair grounds. They were having so much fun in the garage, each setting up a store that I had trouble to get them ready in time for supper. Gilbert worked late.

(Even though Grandma did not feel “extra well”, she still sat there and sewed clothes. Remember she called the boys’ shirts “waists”. I’m not sure what the difference was between a waist and a shirt. The only thing I can think of is that a shirt was designed to be tucked into pants, and a waist wasn’t.

This is the 1st reference in the diaries to a garage. They didn’t have a car, but I think the garage was an outbuilding in the backyard, used more as a shed, with access from the alley that ran behind all the houses. By the time I was a kid, the garage was long gone.

Finally, I’ve noticed that the boys were going out more on their own or with others these last few months, further confirming in my mind that Grandma was staying at home due to her pregnancy. I remember her telling us that pregnant women just did not go out in public in her day! I’m sure the boys (which probably was just Dale, Dick & maybe Albert) thoroughly enjoyed seeing the fireworks.)

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  1. Hi! Thought I'd let you know that I saw on that a waist is "a child's undergarment to which other articles of apparel may be attached."

    I found that interesting!

    Love reading these entries.