Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thursday, September 24, 1925

Thursday, September 24, 1925

Finished up darning the winters’ stockings, patching, etc. Mama came over. Dale got goods for Daddy a shirt and I almost made it. Have a baby comforter I want to work on now that the boys are in bed. Dale and Dick went down town to the public library this evening after school. Their legs are so sore from skating that a trip like that would be better.

(More sewing, but no baby, yet!)

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  1. Dale must have been the ripe old age of nine when he bought the goods (fabric) for Daddy. I don't know if he had to go down town to buy it or if there was store close by. That was the era of the neighborhood five and dime stores. But he's been downtown on his own before,