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Wednesday, September 16, 1925

Wednesday, September 16, 1925
Clear and cool

Well, I didn’t feel extra well, believe I have taken a cold. Got 40 tomatoes of Smith and canned 11 ½ quarts and had a dish full for supper. Got my laundry ready to iron but didn’t iron much. Felt awfully stiff and achy. Harry Doyle got hit by a machine at 10th and Rural and our boys almost saw it. It upset us all quite a bit. Don’t know how bad hurt he is.

(Grandma’s 11 ½ quarts of tomatoes wasn’t much compared to what my other grandmother would can in a season. They both worked hard, but in different ways, due in part I am sure to the fact that one lived in the city, the other on a farm. However, I won’t be too quick to judge because Grandma could have canned a lot more that she wrote about in her diary. It does appear that one difference between the two was that Grandma relied on the vegetable man (Smith, no relation) to bring her produce, whereas my other grandmother grew most of their produce in a big garden.

I think Harry Doyle was a friend of the older boys. 10th and Rural was just a few blocks from their house and probably on the way to school. A “machine” by the way was a car.

Grandma doesn't appear to have left the house in weeks, based on her diaries, so where could she have picked up a cold?)

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  1. Harry Doyle lived second house north of us. A very pleasant person, but I don't think he ran around with my brothers much. If I felt as bad as Mother appeared to feel, I'm not sure I would be canning tomatoes. But they did a lot things back then we don't do now. The only time I tried to can tomatoes with a pressure cooker I ended up with tomaoes on my kitchen ceiling. That was fun!!