Thursday, September 14, 2006

Monday, September 14, 1925

Monday, September 14, 1925

Cool and drizzly most of the day. Albert went to see if kindergarten opened, as Anna said theirs did and sure enough this was the first day, so he was enrolled again. But this evening eating corn on the cob for supper, he threw up again, so I’m afraid he isn’t as well as he should be. Ned is a little rowdy and romp these days, a regular clown.

(Albert was a little over 5 ½ years old and it sounds like he went to kindergarten by himself to enroll. I was mistaken earlier that he was a 1st grader at this point. He also attended kindergarten last spring, starting around March 9th, so they must have just sent the young ones to kindergarten once they turned 5 years old, which for Albert was on February 6th. Poor Albert was still having some stomach problems, which we know he continued to have through out his life, in some form or fashion. )

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  1. Albert seemed to be a sickly child as well as a sickly adult. At the beginning of WW2 he tried to enlist in the army and navy but was turned down by both services, but was rated 4F, (not fit for military service) He was extremely intelligent (got a 4 year full scholarship to Harvard). He was a kind person and my favorite brother, but i think he fit into the middle child catagory (to young to run with the older boys and to old to play with the children), But i have a lot of precious memories about him.