Friday, September 15, 2006

Tuesday, September 15, 1925

Tuesday, September 15, 1925

Mama’s birthday. We had planned to have Dale go down town after school and get her a record and as the two oldest had to have shoes I phoned Papa to take them to a shoe store and superintend them buying them. I finished painting the bed and washed blankets for the baby and the boys’ sweaters. Trying to wind up my work for the big event.

(‘Mama’ is Nancy Elizabeth Jordan Campbell, pictured here and here. She was born in 1857, the 4th of 5 children and the only girl in her family. She died in 1947. Her record player would be one of the hand cranked models, a victrola. Grandma also had one that we played with sometimes as kids, very gently cranking it and playing old records, our favorite being one that ended with a little dog barking. I think that was also my mom’s favorite record when she was a little girl. I don’t recall the tune of the song, just the barking at the end.

FYI, my mom, Eleanor, Grandma’s youngest daughter born in 1929, is now occasionally posting comments on the diaries. So, go back and read some of the past days to see her comments. I’ve also added
a picture of her to the picture blog so you can put a face with a name.)


  1. I think the record Carol is referring to is an RCA Victor record named the "The Whistler and His Dog".

  2. Thanks, Mom!
    If anyone wants more info on this record, here is a link: