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Wednesday, September 9, 1925

Wednesday, September 9, 1925

Neddy’s birthday. I ironed till noon, then made him a cocoanut cake. He rubbed his tummy and shouted “oh boy!” Dale went down town and got him a little wheel barrow which pleased Ned very much. Smith the vegetable man who Albert thinks brought Ned gave him a sack full of fruit and Ned didn’t understand why he put it in a sack instead of the basket. Dear little white top!

(Ned turned 2 on this day, and Grandma’s diary entry tells us quite a bit.

I believe the reason she sent Dale out to buy a gift for Ned was because she didn’t go out too often in her last few months of pregnancy. I remember her telling us that pregnant women did not go out much in public when they were “showing” and that even when someone came to the door, she would peek around the door to talk to them, so whoever it was would not see her body.

They didn’t grow their own vegetables, even though they had a yard big enough to have a vegetable garden. “Smith the vegetable man” was no relation to them. I believe he would stop by every week or so to offer whatever was in season. My other grandmother, on the other hand, lived on a farm and they grew and canned all kinds of vegetables.

They celebrated birthdays rather simply, but did celebrate them. A nice cake and one gift.

Ned must have been quite blond as a child, to be called "dear little white top".

Grandma will have the baby at home. Albert will be older this time, so maybe he’ll come to a different conclusion about where babies come from!)

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  1. Having the baby brought by the vegetable man is a new one to me! My aunt was 10 when my mom was born, and she heard the traditional 'doctor brought the baby in his black bag' story.