Thursday, September 07, 2006

Monday, September 7, 1925

Monday, September 7, 1925

The boys wanted to see the fair and as there was no one to take them, Dale and Dick went by themselves. They left here about 9. We placed no restrictions on them. Soon after they were back. They had seen it all. Got barbecue sandwiches, pop, cones, all at the cheapest places. Went on merry-go-round, caterpillar, and looked till they were tired. They had no trouble at all. Little men!!

(The fair Grandma was referring to was the Indiana State Fair.

Dale was 11 days shy of his 9th birthday, and Dick was 7½ years old when they went there by themselves. We are always amazed in reading the diaries what the boys were allowed to do alone at this age. On this day, it was going to the fair by themselves, probably taking a bus or streetcar to get there, having money to spend, riding rides, the whole deal. I believe the fairgrounds were about 4 miles from their house, so it is also possible that they walked the whole way there.

This was also
Labor Day, which was observed “back then” and was actually observed as far back as the mid 1880’s.)


  1. sis with the homestead7:13 AM, September 09, 2006

    Carol or Eleanor,

    Didn't most of the older boys go off to college rather young? 15 or 16? Seems they were very mature at a younger age.

  2. Dale skipped a grade which isnt usually done anymore. All the boys would be embarrassed to bring home less than A. Me, I was much more casual about it. El,