Monday, September 04, 2006

Friday, September 4, 1925

Friday, September 4, 1925

Well, I puttied in a glass in a dining room window, cleaned them inside and out and put up my new yellow curtains. Put up curtains in the kitchen and pantry, cleaned out the kitchen closet, put things back in the cabinet. Run the cleaner over the house, not to mention dish washing and meals, etc. The veins in my forehead were all swelled up.

(Another big day of working on cleaning and fixing up the house. Grandma even knew how to fix a window. We are certainly aware of her skills as a seamstress, but I didn’t know she had skills to fix windows!

We used to hear how there was a pipe or heating duct that ran from the inside of the kitchen closet up to the 2nd floor where the boys had their bedrooms and Grandma could bang on that in the kitchen to wake them upstairs. Other than that, I don’t recall too much about what might have been in that kitchen closet. Most of the food was kept in the pantry, ice box, or cabinet.

I’ve already mentioned that the cabinet was what was typically referred to as a Hoosier Cabinet and it was where flour, sugar, and other baking items were kept, and was really the only work surface in the kitchen, other than the kitchen table in the center of the room.

If Grandma’s veins in her forehead were all swelled up after cleaning and being on her feet all day, I wonder if she had high blood pressure?)


  1. Eleanor, Ruth's youngest daughter11:42 AM, September 04, 2006

    She kept her sweeper, brooms,and mops and cleaning supplies in the little closet in the kitchen. She would rattle the metal pipe in the closet when she wanted our attention upstairs. To me, it was a dark, smelly, scary place and I never went into it unless it was absolutely necessary.

  2. Granddaughter of another Ruth1:23 AM, September 05, 2006

    Hello, I heard about this blog from a friend and have sat here riveted tonight, reading the whole thing! I am sure your Grandma would have thought her diary so mundane, yet 80+ years later it is a fascinating glimpse into a mother's life. I feel as if this diary gives me insight into what my grandmothers' lives must have been like, as well as those of my parents and their older siblings (similar ages to the boys we are hearing about here). Thank you for sharing this! I will be checking back regularly!