Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Saturday, September 26, 1925

Saturday, September 26, 1925

The boys went to the show last night and saw Dick Turpin an old English bandit and today the yard is full of bandits. They cut up my old couch cover for capes. Raided my rag bag for black masks and armed with swords, had a great time. They hated to take time for a hair cut, baths or anything else. Gilbert got the springs on the beds changed.

(Sounds like the boys had some great fun playing after seeing a movie. No need for elaborate toys or games. With just their imaginations, an idea from a movie and some old couch covers and rags, and they had all they needed for a fun day of play.)

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  1. According to the IMDb, it seems likely that the version of the Dick Turpin story the boys saw starred Tom Mix along with Alan Hale.
    Errol Flynn's Robin Hood [with Alan Hale as Little John] was on TV at least a couple of times a year when I was a kid, so we'd restage scenes from that movie. I think we made our dad's sawhorses into steeds for Maid Marion and Robin.