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Saturday, September 12, 1925

Saturday, September 12, 1925

The boys had said they were coming home early but they got to playing with Winifred and having such a good time they stayed till after dinner. Mama said she never knew Winifred to romp so. Albert had the stomach ache and laid around all day. Anna and Ray dropped in on us a little while about 5 o’clock. They happened to be out this way.

(Apparently, the boys spent the night with their grandparents, after seeing the fireworks. Winifred is their cousin, here’s a link to her story. I also previously put pictures of her on Grandma’s Picture Blog, here’s a link to one of them.

I’m inclined to think that if Albert was laying around all day with a stomach ache that he didn’t go to his grandparents to see fireworks and spend the night.

Anna and Ray were family friends who lived on the north side of Indianapolis. What little I know of them I included
in a previous diary entry. Perhaps my mom knows more about them?

Update: Annie in Austin provided some additional information on Ray and Anna Mock, available from the public census records for 1920 and 1930. The Mocks were married in 1914. They had two daughters, Betty Jane, who was probably born in 1920, and Wilma J. who was born around 1928. In 1942, Ray listed Betty on his WWII registry card as someone who would always know his address, which may indicate that he was a widower at that time. Anna died fairly young, as Mom noted. Thanks, Annie!

Now, how did Grandma and Gilbert come to know them? Through church? Gilbert's work?)

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  1. Yes Carol, I will comment. They were always having friends drop in, which is the way they socialized back then. I'm sure sometimes Mother was too tired to enjoy company. Anna and Ray Mock were good friends back then, with 2 daughters. Anna died when the youngest was still young. Cousin Winifred was a lot older than me, so don't have a lot of memories of her, only hearsay.