Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sunday, May 17, 1925

Sunday, May 17, 1925

Went to Sunday school with Dale and Dick but did not stay for church as Albert did not want me to go in the first place. Besides, didn’t feel like hearing a sermon by Rev. Smith on account of his peculiar voice. Anna and Ray visited our Sunday school and Anna commented on the fact that I was getting fat again!

(Albert seemed to be getting what he wanted while he was sick. But it seemed to give Grandma the excuse she wanted so she didn't have to go to church! I'm not sure how long this Rev. Smith lasted, but Mom didn't remember him. I wonder what was peculiar about his voice? You have to chuckle at her comment and wonder if Grandma ever imagined others reading her diary some 81 years later.

Anna and Ray Moch were close friends who lived more on the north side of Indianapolis. According to Mom, Grandma said that Ray looked like Abraham Lincoln. I hope Grandma told them why she was 'getting fat' again.)

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