Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Saturday, May 23, 1925

Saturday, May 23, 1925

Too hot and tired today to do much. Papa came to see if Albert could go out tomorrow and pronounced him better, although the swelling is not gone yet. A couple of young fellows came along with a pony and Albert and Ned had their pictures taken on it. Then they gave them a little ride. How they both loved it! Transplanted some flowers while Gilbert spaded garden.

(Remember, Grandma's father, whom she referred to in the diaries as "Papa", was a physician, and although he specialized in gynecology, it appears that he did stop in and check on his grandchildren when they were sick. This was before health insurance, I think, so his visits would have saved them from having to pay a doctor.

So, Albert was better, after weeks of being sick, but still not 100%.

However, when a "couple of young fellows" showed up with a pony, it sounds like Albert perked right up! And, I found the picture she referred to and have posted it on the Grandma's Pictures blog. I'd like to say thank you again to my cousin and his wife who spent a lot of time scanning in all the old family pictures and providing copies for all in the family! It makes it easy to find pictures and post them with the diary.

And, I'm always excited to read that Grandma gardened when she could, although I'm sure it was hard to find spare time for working in the yard with a houseful of 4 young boys to take care of and also being pregnant with her fifth child.

Note it was still hot!)

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  1. Took a look at the photo. Ruth definitely looks pregnant, standing back there on the porch, and Albert looks right as rain, not the least bit sick.