Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thursday, May 21, 1925

Thursday, May 21, 1925

The school had their May day celebration today. It was beautifully this AM. Mama came over to go to it as I couldn’t leave Albert and Ned. Albert was not able to go yet – gland still swollen – But just when it was time to go it clouded up and thundered, etc. so she was afraid to go on account of her rheumatism. I went in a hurry and didn’t stay long.

(I had to read this a couple of times to sort it out. It sounds like Grandma was not going to go, she was going to stay home with Albert (still sick) and Ned, so she asked her mother to go so that Dale and Dick had someone there. However, when it came time to go, because of the storm, her mother didn't want to venture out, so her mother stayed at the house with the two younger boys and Grandma went to the program but didn't stay long.

Isn't nice that the school was probably nearby and I assume they could easily walk to it, rather than take a long bus ride?

Check out Grandma's Pictures for a picture of the boys having some fun. More pictures to come, I promise!)

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