Thursday, May 04, 2006

Monday, May 4, 1925

Monday, May 4, 1925

Albert had fever and had to stay home and it was so rainy in spurts that I didn’t wash. Ripped up some of Gilbert’s old pants to make over for the boys. Mended Dale some others so he wouldn’t have to wear his best to school and thus put in the day. Was busy but yet it wasn’t a very good start for the week.

(Nothing went to waste, it seems. She takes the fabric from an old pair of pants to make some new pants for the boys. I remember Grandma had many hand-braided rugs she made from strips of wool taken from old clothes. My sister (hopefully) still has one of those rugs.

In spite of Grandma thinking she doesn't get much done in a day, it sure sounds like she worked harder every day than we do today.)

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