Monday, May 08, 2006

Friday, May 8, 1925

Friday, May 8, 1925
Cool and clear

Albert was real sick today. Temperature 103 and his tonsils swollen and his neck below the ears. He is hard to take care of. Always wanting something. So all I got done was a little mending and some more of my seeds planted while he dozed off in little naps. One of the kittens died this PM. I’m still feeding them with a spoon and give them a bath occasionally.

(Grandma had her hands full on this day. A sick boy, and still tending to the motherless kittens as best she could. As a gardener, I think I know how she felt, that in spite of it all, she must get those seeds planted! Remember, she also had two-year old Ned home at this time. The older two boys would have spent the day at school.)

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