Friday, May 12, 2006

Tuesday, May 12, 1925

Tuesday, May 12, 1925

Albert was worse again. His gland under his left ear was so swelled up and his spine seemed irritated. I was so worried about him. His fever so high, and that spine – it just made me sick to think about it. Ironed all day. Mrs. Collins dropped in as Papa was here. She kept the kids outside. I’ll sleep with Albert for fear he kicks the cover off. Gilbert built another fire.

(As noted in the March 5th entry, Grandma's father, whom she refers to as Papa, was a physician, and so he probably came over to check on Albert. And the neighbor, Mrs. Collins, helped keep the others out of the way while he was there.

In spite of it all, Grandma still worked on her ironing all day. Ironing seemed to be a constant in her life, along with mending and sewing.

The fire Gilbert built was probably in their coal furnace. I am guessing they had let the furnace fire die out with the warmer spring weather, and now with Albert being sick they were concerned about it getting too chilly at night for him. They would need that fire in 2006, it's only 45 degrees outside right now.)


  1. I've been really enjoying reading your grandma's diary and your helpful comments. In February I posted from my great Aunt Hazel's diary, but your grandma's offers a lot more interesting details.

    It's been interesting to me to see that your grandma always tried to do the wash on Mondays and the ironing on Tuesdays, because that's exactly the way my own grandmother (born in 1896) did it. Wish I knew more about who decided way back when that Monday was wash day.

    Thanks for giving us this window into the past.

  2. Remember how it used to be embroidered on dish towels...Monday wash day. Tuesday....