Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Saturday, May 2, 1925

Saturday, May 2, 1925

They had a party at kindergarten for older children today at 10 cents per so all the boys went this AM and had a good time. Also it kept them away from this bunch of roughnecks around here. After noon we worked in the yard, digging weeds and planting white clover. Also made flower beds and planted bulbs, and seeds.

(Grandma mentions again that there are some other boys in the neighborhood that she likes to keep her boys away from.

But, to me the interesting part today is that they spent time outside gardening! Can you imagine planting a clover lawn today? Some people do it, and I personally think it is a better ecological alternative to grass. In fact, I think until the mid 1950's they actually included clover seed in most grass seed mixes, until some chemical company came out with 'weed and feed' and convinced everyone that a pure grass lawn was something to strive for.

I would have a clover lawn if I didn't live in a neighborhood where that would be frowned upon. And, yes, for those of you following my gardening blog, you will note that they planted before May 10th. What can I say, they did have some really warm days prior to this. Did they make out okay, or was there a late frost that year? Time will tell!)

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  1. Just wanted to say that "I think" one reason she uses the terms "this AM or PM" is because her Father was a Doctor right? And they use that instead of this morning.