Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sunday, May 3, 1925

Sunday, May 3, 1925

The boys went to Sunday school but I hadn’t fed the kitty’s yet so I didn’t get to go till church time. It would have been Dr. Philputt’s 28th anniversary as pastor, so they had memorial services and presented Mrs. Philputt with a beautiful basket of roses. Gilbert took the boys to the plant in the afternoon so I had a rest. Albert seemed ailing a little today.

(Grandma still has her hands full trying to keep the 4 kittens fed, since the mother cat died a few days ago.

The plant that she refers to is the gas company plant, where Gilbert worked as an accountant. Did he take the boys because he had some work to catch up on, or just so they could see what goes on at the gas plant?)

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