Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thursday, May 28, 1925

Thursday, May 28, 1925

So cool without a fire. Took Ned to Mama’s. They have a fire but we are out of coke. Took Albert to Dr. Haggard and had his gland lanced. I was afraid of the anesthetic but he just did fine. Left him with Mama for a few days. Ned had a fever all PM and Mama had a time with him, he was so restless and fretful while I was gone.

(Surgery in the 1920's... what must that have been like? I guess they lanced the gland to remove all the infection? The diary entry for this day was sort of confusing to me about who went where. It sounds like Grandma had her mother watch Ned while she took Albert to the surgeon. Then she picked up Ned and left Albert with her. And was Ned coming down with the same illness?)

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  1. Glad to know that great grandma took care of the kids. It had sounded like she didn't keep her grandkids. Speaking of which, we will have our two tiny ones for a week while parents are doing mission work.