Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wednesday, May 13, 1925

Wednesday, May 13, 1925
Albert was some better. His fever not so high. Mama was over today. We mended and after she had gone I didn’t do a thing but rock Albert and read to him and tell him stories. Poor little thing. He is so good but getting so thin and forlorn looking. He never was sick before so it goes hard for him to stay in.

(It was nice that her mother came over to help Grandma on this day, and this time it sounded like she did help (unlike other times when Grandma wrote that when her mother came over, she got nothing done.) I'm not sure they have yet diagnosed Albert's illness, at least so far she hasn't mentioned what he might have had.)

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  1. This is worse than a soap opra....Does Albert have some bad illness? I have never been a patient person.