Sunday, May 14, 2006

Thursday, May 14, 1925

Thursday, May 14, 1925
Fair and warm

Albert had no fever today at all but the swelling on the left side was the same. Ned is as frisky as ever, getting cuter every day. He is very fond of strawberries and eats them and leaves the pie or shortcake. Whenever he sees anything he likes he rubs his stomach with both hands and shouts “oh, boy!”. A kitten died last night. That leaves two.

(A bit of normalcy seemed to have returned today as Albert was doing better, and so we have a nice comment about how cute the two year old, Ned, has been.

I'm not sure where Grandma got the strawberries, as they would not yet be in season in Indianapolis in May. But she did write several days ago that she liked to provide the boys with good things, like strawberries. She must have bought them from the store and not a local grower.

Unfortunately, it didn't go well for the kittens. The original litter included 4 kittens. For those upset by the thought of the kittens dying one by one, along with the mother cat, I've read ahead and I don't find mention of the kittens again, so we can assume, I think, that the other two made it.

For those who are concerned about Albert being so sick, remember my post from before that he grew up, attended Harvard University on a scholarship (the only way he could have afforded to do so), and became a Jesuit priest. He spent most of his time teaching theology at the University of San Fransisco until his death in 1979.)

I hope I haven't given away too much. Happy Mothers Day.

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  1. But Albert only lived to be 59 years old. My father died just short of his 60th b'day, born in 1908, though. He had leukemia which he contracted from all the poisons he used on the farm.