Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sunday, May 31, 1925

Sunday, May 31, 1925

Albert got up early, bright as you please, but began to droop immediately. Soon discovered he has temperature of 102.5. Gilbert and boys did up work and went to Sunday school. Papa and Burr drove over in PM and put flax seed poultice on Albert. His sore had healed up too soon. Ned feverish and fretful wants to be in my arms all the time. Mama went to Burr’s.

(Burr is another of Grandma's brothers. His real name was Wilbur. He eloped with his first wife and his father-in-law promptly had the marriage annulled (maybe because she was dying of TB). So then he married his wife Ethel and they lived in Elwood, in northern Indiana. Mom said that Aunt Ethel always brought beautiful iced angel food cakes to family gatherings and everyone raved about how good they were, and she would just smile and say "thank you". Years later, they found out that her neighbor had been baking these cakes!

It's nice to see that Gilbert was once again helping around the house on Sunday. Poor Albert and Ned were still sick. Poor, weary pregnant Grandma!)

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  1. illiness was bad in that day, my grandmother told me that in the 20's all her children came down with some strange aliement and nearly died, all of them my aunt Thelma had such a high fever that she wasn't right for a while and lost all her hair, grandma said until then, thelma was about 10 years old, thelma had brown hair and it came back in bright red which is hard to believe but grandma said it was true.