Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Saturday, May 9, 1925

Saturday, May 9, 1925

Dale colored some pictures for a contest the News had a week or so ago, but he didn’t win a prize. So the news had a special show at the Circle Theater this AM for the 3000 unsuccessful ones and Dale had a ticket. I couldn’t take him on account of Albert’s condition so he went alone. His first trip downtown alone. He got off the car too soon but found his mistake himself.

(Dale was born in 1918, so that makes him about 7 years old when he ventures to downtown Indianapolis on his own. Sounds like he got a little bit lost, but was smart enough to figure out where he needed to be. The car is the street car. The Circle Theater is located on Monument Circle and was built in 1916. More info is at this link.)

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  1. OK. Now I am really worried. I don't think my kids could find their way home if I dropped them off at the end of the street!