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Thursday, May 7, 1925

Thursday, May 7, 1925
Had an awful stack of mending to do today and didn’t get it all done. Had to mend some stockings for the boys as the ones I got off Mrs. McGregor Saturday are simply rags. They weren’t worth a nickel. We went to the church for supper. They had a special meeting for new members, which included Dale and Dick. Collins brought us home in their machine

(More mending. It seems like almost every day Grandma had some mending to do. Per Mom, they often went to the church on Thursdays for supper. She said it was 25 cents per person and one woman cooked the all the food. It was one night that Grandma didn't have to cook.

Collins were the neighbors across the street, and their "machine" is what Grandma called the car.

Grandma and family would be 6 people, plus I think there were at least 4 people in the Collins family, so the car must have been packed. Good thing the kids were smaller. And, of course, no concerns about car seats for the little ones or everyone wearing a seat belt. I don't think cars even had seat belts in the 20's! Must have been tight, but better than the bus.

Grandma never had a driver's license or owned a car her entire life. She always relied on public transportation or rides from others. That wasn't a problem in the 20's when there was good public transportation and stores just a few blocks up the street on 10th St. But I think it was a problem in that neighborhood later on when people moved further out, stores closed, more people had cars, and public transportation was cut back.

If you would like to see what cars looked like in 1925, try this website.)

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