Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saturday, May 30, 1925

Saturday, May 30, 1925
Albert came home as bright as a dollar. So good to see him. Baby not quite as cross in AM but as fretful and feverish as ever in afternoon when Gilbert went to the plant for a little work. I had a hard time and no supper as Gilbert stayed down town a while to see the crowd in town for the race.

(We finally read some good news about Albert, who had been sick so long it seemed. But then Ned, the baby, seemed to get the same thing. "Bright as a dollar", is a phrase I've not heard before!

Not sure what to comment on how Gilbert seemed to leave Grandma "high and dry" on a tough day at home. Watching the crowds during race weekend seemed to be the thing to do, and it is still something people like to do yet today. We just had the 90th running of the Indy 500 this year. The first race took place in 1911, they didn't race in 1917 and 1918, so the 1925 race must have been the 13th running of the 500. For more info on the Indy 500, click here to go to their website.)

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