Monday, May 15, 2006

Friday, May 15, 1925

Friday, May 15, 1925
Fair and warm

Albert wished Mable would come over the other day when he was so sick so she came over to see him and took supper with us. Little James Toms, Dale’s friend, got run over by an automobile this AM while running after his ball. Is in a serious condition at the city hospital.

(I will tell you now that there is no other mention of this friend of Dale's who was hit by the automobile, so I presume he survived.

It is curious what children ask for when they are sick, Albert wanted his Aunt Mable to come over, and so she did!

One other odd observation. Generally, when Grandma referred to 'automobiles', she called them 'machines', as in "Collins took us in their machine.". Yet here she called it an automobile. Told you it was an odd observation.)


  1. There is a James Toms, born about 1817, living a couple blocks away in 1930 so he appears to have been okay.