Thursday, May 18, 2006

Monday, May 18, 1925

Monday, May 18, 1925

Albert did not want me to go to the basement so I thought I would try the laundry – wet wash – this week, and if it didn’t cost too much continue it the rest of the summer. I got an extra day sewing that way and made a pair of pants for Dick and one for Albert.

(Poor, sick Albert seemed to be still calling the shots, or so the diary made it seem that way. Grandma seemed to have to stay close by.

I am wondering now what was involved when Grandma washed the clothes, since her comment about being able to get sewing done because she sent the laundry off to be washed, leads me to believe that her washer was not the "load it and forget it for 30 minutes" type of washer we have today. Yet a previous post led me to believe it wasn't a ringer type washer where you had to run all the clothes through a ringer by hand. Must be something in between.

But, imagine she sewed up TWO pair of pants on this day!)

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  1. If you are in the habit of sewing, then it goes together fast. And pants are pants, so she is making the same garment over and over, getting experience in it each time.

    I'd imagine by this time, she's so used to making them, it's a breeze.