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Sunday, May 24, 1925

Sunday, May 24, 1925
Cold wave

So cold and rainy we thought we couldn’t take Albert out but as Aunt Hattie was in town we hated to give up, so Guy came after us and took us over in time for dinner. Mable and Winifred, Guy, and Ella and the boys were there. We had a real nice time. Aunt Hattie is a dear, gentle soul who would not knowingly offend anyone for anything.

(Just to catch people up who are just getting started on these diaries... Guy was Grandma's brother and Ella was his first wife. Mable was Grandma's sister-in-law, married to her brother Harry, and Winifred was their daughter. I previously posted a picture of Winifred on Grandma's Pictures. Albert is Grandma's son, and he had been sick for most of the spring with a fever and swollen glands, which is why she apparently didn't want to have him go out in the cold and take the bus and streetcar to her parents' house. But, Guy picked them up in his car and saved the day.

I have also posted both a picture of Aunt Hattie and a picture of her house on Grandma's Pictures. Aunt Hattie was Rolla Campbell's sister, Rolla was Grandma's father. It sounds like Grandma had a real fondness for Aunt Hattie.

FYI, I refer to Ruth Campbell Smith, who wrote these diaries, as Grandma, because she was my grandmother. I tried to refer to her as Ruth when I first started this blog, but I wasn't comfortable with that. I do, however, refer to her husband as Gilbert, because he passed away in 1935, and so I didn't really know him as a grandfather. I hope that makes sense. If someone has a better suggestion, please comment.

My mom says she remembers visiting Aunt Hattie in Ohio once, and her recollection is that they weren't supposed to touch anything, especially her piano.)

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