Friday, May 05, 2006

Tuesday, May 5, 1925

Tuesday, May 5, 1925

Washed and expected to iron some but had to clean up and go to the poll and vote on the primary. Got such a head ache that I did nothing but lie down after I got back. Of course I got supper too but felt that half the day was lost. I supposed the week will be lost because I didn’t wash on Monday.

(Do you know when Grandma, and all women, were first allowed to vote? 1920. That's just five years before this diary posting.

We all take for granted the right to vote, but many of us don't exercise that right. I went and voted this past Tuesday in the Indiana primary elections, did you?)

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  1. Carol,

    I regularly read your blog from Grandma's diary but usually once a week I'll get caught up.