Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thursday, September 3, 1925

Thursday, September 3, 1925

Painted the baby bed this AM and after noon cleaned woodwork, windows, and floor in kitchen, pantry, and bathroom. Things begin to look better although the cabinet was too sticky inside to put things back in yet. But the worst of the dirt is out and how much lighter the rooms are! Oh so tired!

(Work continued to get ready for the birth of the baby. Grandma was doing quite a bit of hard work in her last trimester. I recall in the spring she wrote so often about feeling 'bum', having no energy, etc. so this is quite a change from before. We have hypothesized that she felt so bad in winter, early spring because of their coke furnace in the basement and perhaps that was not ventilating properly and they were breathing those fumes (like carbon monoxide) all of the time. Or maybe she just didn’t’ feel well early on in her pregnancy?

By the way, two “blog” related items. First, I’ve notice additional web traffic, so more people are finding these diaries. I love comments from people who find these daily diary readings interesting and read them, so don’t be shy. Click on comments and you can either be anonymous or enter a name, or if you are on blogger, you can use your blogger name with your comments.

Second, my Mom, the youngest daughter, Eleanor, is now connected to the Internet, so we are going to teach her how to add comments with her own recollections of her mother (Ruth Campbell Smith) and brothers, sister, and father.)


  1. Carol, I just discovered this project of yours and love it! Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    I hate to complain, but I find everything but the top of the page really hard to read becase the light pink background doesn't extend all the way down the page. Has anyone else commented on this problem? Any suggestions?

  2. Thank you for the comment. I've not heard from others and in checking it myself, the light pink background does go all the way down the page. I'm not sure what to suggest.

    I'm always curious how people discover the diaries - a link from someplace, a search, a recommendation from someone else perhaps?

  3. A fellow stay at home mom told a bunch of us about this blog. It is very interesting. I too see brown background at the top of the page making it a little hard to read.

  4. Hi Carol!
    I posted once before a few weeks ago. Have been reading your blog for about a month and love it! I live on the NE side of Indianapolis and am very curious to know where your grandparents' home was. Would you mind emailing me at
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Terrific find for me. I am going t love reading about your Granny.

  6. I also discovered this diary of your grandma last week, I followed a recommendation here:
    Thanks for sharing. Will try to comment sometimes from now on (just finished my way through spring, oh my, how sick they all were)!