Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thursday, September 17, 1925

Thursday, September 17, 1925

So tired but had my ironing to finish. Then sat and sewed. Had such a throbbing ache in my back and hips the latter part of the day that on going to bed I wonder what it expect by morning. Have felt so fine up till the last day or two. Harry Doyle reported having concussion of the brain (conclusion Dale says) and a fractured skull.

(There seemed to be no rest for Grandma. Even when she was tired and aching, she did her ironing and sewing.

x-ray machine was invented around 1895, so they probably were able to use an x-ray machine to determine that poor Harry Doyle did have a fractured skull).

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  1. God bless wash & wear. Just reading about her day wears me out. How fortunate we are to have all the work saving devises we have now. Of course I think we have more worries now raising children. She doesn't seem to worry about drugs, gangs, etc that we have to contend with now.