Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sunday, September 6, 1925

Sunday, September 6, 1925
Hot & rain & cooler

Before I was up this morning Dick and Ned broke my pretty new lamp. I can’t have anything decent, everything gets broke up. Was awfully tired today. Got dinner and Papa came out. Mama is in Illinois at the reunion. The boys went to the show and stayed 4 ½ hours. They told me all about it. Gilbert went, too, but while there a rain came up which put him in his room for the evening.

(I’m sure it was difficult for Grandma to keep things intact with four boys under the age of 10 running all through the house. The boys had to go through her bedroom or the kitchen to get to the one bathroom in the house, and I would guess that is why they were in her room before she was up.

Ruth’s mother, Nancy Elizabeth Jordan Campbell, whom she refers to as “Mama”, was from Illinois and had four brothers, who all farmed somewhere near Gibson City, Illinois. That’s who she was visiting with at the reunion in Illinois. Grandma wrote quite a bit about the Jordan family in the family history she compiled. (We are very appreciative that she took the time to write down what she knew of the family history, for without her written history, we would know very little about our ancestry! I believe my cousin David is the one who prompted her to do so.)

I’ve posted two picture of Ruth’s mother in
the accompanying picture blog. One is probably from the late 1890's when Ruth was a child, the other is how I am guessing she looked in the 1920’s, but I don’t know specific dates for the pictures, so I could be off a decade or two.

Grandma seemed to always enjoy when her children came home from the movies or from playing or visiting someone and told her about their adventures, though I think she was pretty much a home-body herself. Gilbert seemed like one who wanted to be out and about.)


  1. I can't count the number of times I've said something to the effect of: with boys around, I can't have anything good of my own. So very many things never change.

  2. It broke my heart to read about her lamp being broken. I know it's cliche, but I think they valued things so much more "back then."