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Friday, September 18, 1925

Friday, September 18, 1925

Dale’s ninth birthday. Nine strenuous years. Very few hours I’ve rested these years during the days. So much good reading and parties, etc. passed up. But they have been happy years for the most part for the boys have all generally been boys to be proud of. If I work for them now, maybe they will make it easier in my old days.

(One of the frequent comments made after reading these diaries is “I get tired just reading all she had to do each day.” Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, ironing, sewing, looking after the boys, and mending took up most of her days. Indeed, it does not appear that Grandma had much time for reading, which she did enjoy. Earlier in January, she wrote:

“We just got a new set of books. The Pocket University. My! How I would love to read, but seems not for me. The reading guide says only 15 minutes a day… so sat down to follow directions. The allotment was 57 pages long. If they expect us to read that in 15 minutes, I am hopeless.”

She also commented about reading from the Pocket University on
February 20. By the way, in the comments on that day, I noted she attended college for a year. I believe now, based on what she wrote in her family history, that she didn’t last through the first semester. Her complaint was that she could not afford to live on campus, and ao she had to take a bus every day to and from the campus which at the time was in the Irvington area. It wore her out, so she dropped out.

a link to a Pocket University book from 1926, which I assume is typical of the books she got.

All her boys were successful in their chosen professions. Three became college professors, and Dale was a successful businessman who enjoyed traveling all over the world. Dale graduated from Lake Forest College in Chicago in 1937 and served in the Navy in World War II. He lived the longest of any of the boys, passing away in January 2004. Both daughters are still very much alive!)

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  1. Dale and his wife Ruth were avid travelers. also avid photographers. They would compete in contests against each other. Dale also was busy giving slide presentations to clubs & organitions. They traveled mainly with tours and they enjoyed the Elderhostels. He used to jog every morning until his 1st heart problem, then he switched to walking every morning, even when on a vacation. Once while in Russia he took his early morning walk and taking pictures also, but was arrested & taken to the local jail for taking pictures of a Russian tank (parked 2 blocks away). His tour guide got him out quickly but Dale said they only wanted to confiscape his American camera. He got his camera back but they took his film. This was in the days when the Berlin wall was still up, and travel wasn't all that safe in Russia. He had many tales to tell of their travels.