Thursday, September 28, 2006

Monday, September 28, 1925

Monday, September 28, 1925

Woke up at daylight with an uneasy feeling, which hasn’t left me all day. Had a backache all day and felt like I couldn’t go any longer at noon so sent for Mrs. Little to come this PM. Hope the time is not far off now that she is here, but she lived so far that I was afraid to wait till pains appeared to call her.

(Mrs. Little is who Grandma hired to come stay for awhile after the baby was born and help take care of her and the boys.

FYI, in a previous post when Grandma wrote about mending all their long socks, Eleanor added a comment asking if anyone knew what a darning egg was. At least person commented wanting an answer. Here is an official answer and
a website with everything you ever wanted to know about darning:

“A darning egg is an egg-shaped ovoid of stone, porcelain, wood, or similar hard material, which is inserted into the toe or heel of the sock to hold it in the proper shape and provide a firm foundation for repairs. When the repairs are finished, the darning egg is removed.”)

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  1. When WILL that baby come. You modern mothers, how would you like having a baby at home, no modern drugs to ease the pain. I know a lot of women had a baby this way. Not me. Not ever.