Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wednesday, September 2, 1925

Wednesday, September 2, 1925

Gilbert was able to go to work this morning thanks to the medicine Dale got from Papa’s office yesterday PM. But his nose got worse again and he seemed to start hay fever over. I pitched in to finish his job of painting. If I wait on him, Snookums will beat us for sure. So I stayed up till 1 AM to complete the job was too tired to sleep, then.

(Snookums? I had to read that sentence a couple of times before I realized she was talking about her unborn baby. I have not included the baby’s exact birth date in the blog description, so it will be a surprise to all when she is born.

But, since I don't have the 1929 diary (if Grandma even kept one that year), I'm not really giving away a future secret by posting a Happy Birthday to Eleanor, their youngest child, born today in 1929. Happy Birthday, Mom!)

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  1. I'm sure she had a wonderful Birthday, with her kids by her side, as she entered the world of the internet. Happy surfing Eleanor!